The Dnieper is the third time in a row won the Cup of Ukraine on basketball

In the final match Dnipro defeated Odessa.

The victory of the Dnieper ended the next draw of the Cup of Ukraine on basketball. In the Final four, which took place on the weekend in the river, one of the leaders of the super League in a difficult semifinal match defeated Kiev-basket (78:76), and in the final match met with Odessa, which, in turn, defeated Polytechnic (89:73).

The final advantage possessed at first, that went on a big break, conducting in the account – 44:33. However, the river has enough of the third quarter to play this handicap – 53:53. And then in the game Odessites came true fail – guests for nearly five minutes of the fourth quarter could not score any points, that determined the outcome of the final match of the Cup of Ukraine – 69:74.

The Dnieper is the third time in a row won the Cup of Ukraine.

The Cup Of Ukraine. The final

The Dnieper – Odessa– 74:69 (16:18, 17:26, 20:9, 21:16)

D: timofeyenko (24), Mishula (20), Fesenko (14), zakurdaev (10), timofeyenko (9+10 rebounds).
About: Macy’s (19+13 assists), taken away (12), Windbags (11), Chalakov (11), Novikov (10).

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