The DNR announced the imminent membership of Russia

В ДНР заявили о скором вхождении в состав России

In the “Republic” we are confident that integration will happen in 2018

The separatists believe that in Russia no one would dare “touch”.

The self-proclaimed DND and LNR will be included in Russia in the near future. About this separatist media reported with reference to “member of Parliament” DNR, the unit commander of the Legion Sergei Zavdoveyev.

In his view, only Russia gives Kiev to implement in the Donbas, “Croatian script”.

“I think that no one moves to Russia. The LC and the DNI – this is Russia. Now we legally integrate into Russia. After the elections next year we will have integration into the Russian Federation. In three years done a lot of work, both at the political level and the military and economic. So we’re wholly in the Russian Federation and one hundred percent will support us,” said Zavdoveyev.

The Deputy said that if Ukrainian forces will go on the offensive, “Russia, as usual, to help with humanitarian aid and medicines, as helped so far, but to get involved in the conflict will not.”

“If Ukraine will pass the Rubicon, thereby, completely eliminates all agreements. There is a secret agreement between the US, Europe and Russia, – who was the first to go on the offensive, he is the aggressor, he is guilty in this war. Accordingly, if APU decides to attack, thus they are deployed against the same America, Europe, and will give us the opportunity to act openly,” – said the MP, adding that “the army LDNR enough of their forces to repel the attack of the APU”.

According to Avdeeva, the separatists will welcome the advent of the APU, as it will allow to end the war.

As reported Корреспондент.netMarch 2, the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko expressed the opinion that “Ukraine will not be in 60 days”. This term expired on 2 may 2017.