The DNR chose replacement Zakharchenko

В ДНР выбрали замену Захарченко

Dmitry Trapeznikov became the new head of DNR

Dmitry Trapeznikov, who now heads the DNR that was previously “Vice-the Prime Minister of DNR”. Before the outbreak of hostilities he worked as a development Manager of the fan-movement of FC Shakhtar.

The interim head of the DNI was Dmitry Trapeznikov. He was elected at an emergency meeting on Friday, August 31, report news of Donbass.

Earlier Trapeznikov was “Deputy Prime Minister DNR”.

The head of the DNI could also be Alexander Timofeev, however it is seriously injured in an explosion in the Donetsk restaurant Separable. There’s also fatally wounded Zakharchenko.

Before becoming a member of the NPT, Trapeznikov held the position of development Manager of the fan-movement of FC Shakhtar.

The head of an illegal armed formation Vostok Khodakovsky Alexander Trapeznikov has previously called the “grey cardinal”.

“We Trapeznikov grey cardinal”, – told about the film in December 2016.

We will remind, on Friday in Donetsk, an explosion occurred in a cafe Separable, in which killed the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko, for at least three more people were injured.

Soon, the separatists announced the arrest of the organizers of the explosion. According to them it was the “Ukrainian saboteurs”.


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