The DNR flood “nuclear” mine – OSCE

В ДНР затопят "ядерную" шахту – ОБСЕ

In the Donbas actively flooded mine

In September 1979 on the Yunkom mine in the Donetsk region was produced by an underground nuclear explosion with a capacity of 0,3 kt TNT.

The self-proclaimed DNR separatists intend to flood the Yunkom mine in the village of Bunga, 43 kilometers from Donetsk. It is reported ЛИГА.net with reference to the press service of the OSCE monitoring mission.

Mine employees reported that roughly 14 of April will be disabled a few pumps of the mine, resulting in the Yunkom mine is gradually flooded.

On mine the OSCE recalled that in 1979, inside the mine in the capsule has been undermined by a nuclear warhead.

“Deputy chief engineer and three other individuals (a man and two women – ed.) said that the current state of the capsules is unknown, and it is not clear how a possible leak or the pressure increase in the sinking of the shaft can affect the integrity of the capsule,” – said the press service.

Earlier, Deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko said that the whole of the Donbass threatens environmental disaster due to flooding of mines.

The OSCE said that in non-government controlled areas of Donbas 36 coal mines are not subject to exploitation due to flooding or full flooding.

Recall, September 16, 1979 on the Yunkom mine was produced by an underground nuclear explosion with a capacity of 0,3 kt TNT. The purpose of the explosion – reducing the stress in the rock mass, which ultimately should increase the safety of mining coal seams. Until 1979 the Yunkom mine was maximum in the Central Donbass frequency of sudden outbursts of coal and gas. Accurate data on the amount of charge and depth of its inception remains a secret.

In 2002, as unpromising the Yunkom mine was closed and is now an environmental threat in the event of flooding by groundwater.

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