The DNR has imposed “sanctions” against the LC – journalist

ДНР ввела "санкции" против ЛНР - журналист

The DNR has imposed trade sanctions against LC

In pseudorepublic banned the vodka from the LC, but allowed whisky from Europe.

Psevdorespubliki conduct trade with each other war. In December 2017 has reached the point that the DNR has actually imposed sanctions against the LC. The journalist Denis Kazansky wrote in his blog.

It is reported that on December 27 entered into force the decree of the “Council of Ministers DNR”, which the separatists Zakharchenko banned the import of excisable goods from the territory controlled by the separatists beekeeper/Cornet.

“So no more “Luga-Nova” in Donetsk will not. Now vodka and cigarettes from Lugansk to Donetsk prohibited,” – said Kazansky.

According to him, the Donetsk separatists have promised to give a symmetrical response to Luhansk, if they are to prohibit on its territory the goods from the DNR.

“I understand why a ban. Vodka and cigarettes is a profitable business. Gang Zakharchenko took control of the production of vodka and cigarettes in Donetsk and nobody wants to let into its territory. Competitors useless. Even if these competitors are the same thugs from Lugansk,” writes Kazan.

In addition, he notes that products from the US and the EU are still sold in stores.

“That is, skripou vodka Luga-Nova from the brotherly Lugansk to Donetsk now to deliver the impossible, and all sorts of whiskey, jegermeister, Becherovka from the hated > without problems,” he said.

According to the journalist, the current situation is a clear proof that the separatists in the Donbas are fighting not for the idea, and just hide behind it.

“Having won in Ukraine by Russian “vacationers” a piece of territory, “fighters with the junta” even managed to split into two feudal allotment. Each gang has its own “Republic”. Luhansk bandits have the right to Rob only their territory, Donetsk — a”, – the journalist wrote.


Previously the “people’s militia LNR” obavljale war Donetsk.

As reported, the Ombudsman told about the refused to exchange prisoners with the LDNR.