The DNR has no money for the restoration of letters, the logo of a miner in the Donbass Arena media

У ДНР нет денег на восстановление букв лого Шахтера на Донбасс-Арене - СМИ

Painted letters logo Shakhtar on Donbass Arena

The letters FCSD at the stadium Donbass-arena in Donetsk someone hopelessly spoiled. Wash them failed, said the representative of DND.

In the DNI claim that Donetsk will return to the symbols of the city and FC Shakhtar Donetsk, which was earlier savagely and without explanation removed, however, until there is no money. This was stated “the acting head of the city administration” of Donetsk Alexey Kulemin, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.

According to him, the letters FCSD at the stadium Donbass-arena “somebody hopelessly spoiled”. He said that getting letters failed.

“Now decide how to restore them – whether to wash, or to do top”, he said.

Answering the question about the recovery time of these letters, he could not name the date, but hinted that it may not happen soon.

“While I will not say for sure. Materials recovery have to buy, and we live in a time of war and the unified national budget. The reconstruction of destroyed houses comes from the same place. We will come and we will say that the restoration will cost, which can be taken off the window to change the grandmother in October. We, of course, say that we’ll wait,” said he.

Also, according to him, the sculpture is the Prospect of the Italian master, which was installed in front of the drama theatre, “will be completely restored and delivered”.

“It will put at the original place or to another is details. Today we are working to preserve it. I see no reason for concern. If very briefly describe the situation on the objects – going maintenance work,” he said.

Earlier, Russian media reported on the establishment of the so-called DNR “missile troops for tactical purposes”.

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