The DNR has proposed an exchange of prisoners “690 47”

В ДНР предложили обмен пленными "690 на 47"

The DNR offer to exchange the 47 captured Ukrainians to 690 separatists

The separatists want to obtain 690 people in exchange for 47 prisoners of Ukrainians.

The DNR had proposed a prisoner exchange with Ukraine on the formula “690 47”.

This was stated by the so-called Commissioner for human rights DND Daria Morozova.

“At the moment along with Lugansk is about 690 people, those who confirmed the Ukrainian side. And part of 47 people, which we are ready to give. If you take away the DNI, is the number “494 41”, “196 6″ is from the LC,” said she.

Today, the separatists gave Ukraine two hostages. The network was later questioned, they can be considered captive.