The DNR stated that it had issued 125 thousand passports

В ДНР заявили, что выдали 125 тысяч "паспортов"

The DNR allegedly issued 125 thousand passports

The self-declared Republic allegedly registered more than 10 thousand applications for passports.

In DND claim that the 125 thousand people received fake passports psevdorespubliki from March 2016. This was stated by the so-called head of the migration service of the interior Ministry DND Vladimir Krasnoshchek.

“Today, the migration service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the DPR issued 125,000 passports of the Donetsk people’s Republic”, – he said.

According to him, as of Thursday, October 12, registered over 10 thousand applications for obtaining fake passports.

Earlier, the DNR said more than million applications for “passport”.