The DNR taken prisoner by the Ukrainians coming to their.

В ДНР берут в плен украинцев, приезжающих к родным - СБУ

Yuri Tandit

In the last few days the number of the detained Ukrainians at DNR increased to 137 people.

The DNR is increasing the number of captive Ukrainians who have recently crossed the line of demarcation. This was stated by Advisor to the head of SBU Yury tandit on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine.

According to Tandit, a peaceful people without weapons, and not related to power structures detained on trumped up charges and, in fact, taken prisoner.

“To date, 137 citizens of Ukraine are hostages. Unfortunately, for the last days has increased due to the fact that ORDA terrorists who hold our fellow citizens who hold them illegally, accuse ordinary civilians for crimes they did not commit”, – he said.

In this regard, the Tandem remembered judge Vitaliy Rudenko, who went last year for my father’s funeral and was captured.

“If to speak about Vitaly Rudenko, this person last fall was treacherously arrested, because he was guaranteed from Lugansk security, he went to the funeral of his father. As soon as he was out of the line of contact, he was immediately arrested. He has spent months illegally detained there,” said Tandem.

Judge Rudenko were released from captivity on 30 July. He was in captivity nine months, periodically subjected to torture. Also released from captivity Lyudmila Surzhenko, a disabled child, who they accused of espionage in favor of the APU.

According to the materials: GOLOVASTOV Alexander