The doctor told me about the state Mosiychuk

Врач рассказал о состоянии Мосийчука

Life Mosiychuk threatens nothing

Mosiychuk was admitted in the intensive care unit, but he’ll live, said the doctor

MP Ihor Mosiychuk injured in the explosion in Kiev, is in intensive care and his condition is serious. This was announced by head of the stationary Department of the clinic Boris Igor Kanivets, UNIAN reports.

“A serious condition that characterised the first days in the postoperative period. Yesterday night, ended operative (surgical – ed) intervention. Was around three hours, there were a lot of pieces that we have learned. Now the patient is in the intensive care unit. Condition heavy to medium’s early, but I can talk with him. He helps us in carrying out dressings”, – he said.

According to the doctor, now lives Mosiychuk threatens nothing.

In addition, Konevets noted that the Deputy of different kinds of wounds, mainly in the lower part of the body.

“Basically, the internal organs have remained more or less (intact – ed), but the most affected extremity – upper, lower, soft tissue – upper, lower. The fracture has a bone right open. Very large extensive wound of the right thigh, a lot of shrapnel in the lower extremities, both left and right,” added the doctor.

We will remind, in the evening of 25 November in the center of Kiev there was an explosion in which was wounded the Deputy Mosiychuk. According to reports, when he came out of the room espresso TV channel were blown up parked next to a motorcycle mounted with a explosive device.

As a result of explosion two persons were lost, three more suffered.