The doctors allowed to continue to trial Kohanivsky

Врачи разрешили продолжить суд над Коханивским

The trial will continue Kohanivsky

The defendant doctors found a bruise and abrasion.

The doctors allowed Nikolay Kohanivsky to continue to participate in the meeting of Svyatoshinsky regional court of Kiev, where he was elected a measure of restraint, according to UKRINFORM.

As noted, the result of a medical examination in the hospital emergency room at Kohanivsky identified the abrasion head injury.

The accused made a computer tomography of the brain revealed no abnormalities.

The doctors announced at the hearing.

Earlier it was reported that on October 21, Kohanivsky law enforcers detained because of the conflict with the activist of the Right sector Ruslan Camalou, which escalated into a brawl with shooting.

Also recall that Sviatoshynskyi court declared a break at 3 hours survey of Nikolay Kohanivsky.