The dog two days covered a wounded dog

Пес двое суток прикрывал собой раненую собаку

The dog that saved her faithful friend

A strange event occurred in Transcarpathia.

In the Transcarpathian region, the male would not leave for two days from the wounded dog lying in the middle of the railway track, warming it and protecting it from people. Details reported in Facebook the eyewitness Denis Malafeev.

So, one dog injured by a passing train. She was unable to move on their own, but attempts to remove the animal from the rail was not a success because it was protected by another dog.

Upon approaching another train, the animal approached the injured dog and lay down beside her. Both the dog lowered his head, pinning them to the ground and the train passed, not to touch them.

Faithful dog warmed in distress girlfriend for two days, until people are not able to carry an injured animal in a safe place.

As reported the, in the Russian police will serve the dog clones.

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