The DOJ began negotiations for Griezmann

МЮ начал переговоры по Гризманну

Antoine Griezmann

Manchester United are already preparing the transfer of striker Atletico’s Antoine Griezmann, who could move to old Trafford next summer.

As The Sun reported, the DOJ asked the lead agent to coordinate all the terms of the transaction on transition of the Frenchman in the camp of the Red Devils.

Player in his team really wants to see the coach of United, Jose Mourinho, who believes that Griezmann is the man who will be able to link the midfield and the attack.

Previously in this role, the Portuguese was going to use Wayne Rooney, however with the task the Englishman failed, at the same time losing a place in the first team.

So, Antoine will be purchased actually to the position of Wayne. For the conclusion about expediency of such decision it is possible to familiarize with statistics of both players.

МЮ начал переговоры по Гризманну

As for the “issue price”, the Red Devils will have to pay for a Frenchman at least 60 million pounds.

The same news on the DOJ began negotiations for Griezmann

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