The dollar rose sharply in exchange

Доллар резко подорожал в обменниках

Currency becomes more expensive

Currency in Ukraine began to rise.

In Kiev, the selling rate of cash dollar rose in comparison with yesterday.

So, on Wednesday, October 4, cash dollar in exchange offices of Kyiv rose by 28 cents compared with Tuesday to 27,0476 UAH/USD, Ukrainian news reports.

At the same time, the average rate of buying the Euro rose by 22.92 31,1821 kopecks to UAH/EUR, the selling rate rose 35.4 31,8697 kopecks to UAH/EUR.

We will remind, yesterday the national Bank weakened the national currency is 5 cents.

Earlier, the NBU explained that one reason for the weakening of the hryvnia in September are “speculation in the media”.

Later, the national Bank said that the weakening in September, the hryvnia to the us dollar mainly due to seasonal demand for foreign currency on the part of energotrader.