The Donbass battalion has criticized the UN report for Ilovaisky boiler

В батальоне Донбасс раскритиковали отчет ООН по Иловайскому котлу

The battalion Donbass not agree with the conclusions of the UN on the events in Ilovaisk

The battalion has identified a number of chronological inaccuracies in the report, and deny the violence against local residents.

Fighters of a battalion Donbass accused the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights of bias and lack of objectivity when reporting on human rights violations during fights for Ilovaysk in August 2014, writes Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday, August 14.

“The events referred to in the report relate 24-28 August. According to the compilers of the report, these days was the place of torture, detention in inhumane conditions, executions, some are fighters of Donbass, who did it all, for example some fighter with the call sign Cat,” – said the founder of the battalion, MP semen Semenchenko

In turn, the second battalion commander Anatoly Vinogrodsky noted that the report inaccurately stated the chronology of events and participants in the battles.

“The first fights for Ilovaysk began on 4 August. There took part the Kryvbas battalion and the Armed forces of Ukraine. However, the report indicated that this happened only on 10 August, the battalion Kryvbas is not mentioned. The first unsuccessful assault on Ilovaysk battalion Donbass and Shahtersk, but somehow forgotten the APU and the Azov regiment. School No. 14 was occupied on August 18-19, and in the night from 16 to 17 August,” he said.

Also, according to Vinogrodsky, the report provides information about the alleged torture and inhuman against Ukrainian volunteers to the locals, but in fact, such facts were not.

According to him, the drafters of the report to the battalion Donbass for information is not addressed.

Semenchenko noted that he intends to meet with the head of the UN Monitoring mission on human rights by Fiona Fraser.

He also stressed that the Donbass battalion consisted mainly of inhabitants of the Crimea and the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, “it’s not a hatred, which we ascribe to, we are not talking – I have never seen a situation when our fighter was antagonistic towards the local”.

Last week the Monitoring mission of the UN on human rights published its report about the events under Ilovaisk in the summer of 2014, in which he demanded that the Ukrainian authorities to reopen the investigation of human rights violations among the civilian population. According to them, in the Ilovaisk killed 366 military and 36 civilians.

According to official data of the military Prosecutor’s office, under Ilovaiskaya killed 459 ATO men, 478 were injured. According to unofficial, the number of casualties could reach 1,000 people.


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