The draw for the Euro 2020: how, where and when the ceremony will take place

How will the draw for the finals of the European championship in 2020.

In Bucharest on 30 November will be held the draw for the final tournament of UEFA Euro 2020.

Since Ukraine has guaranteed them a place in the European championship, the ceremony will also be relevant to the Ukrainian fans. On this day we see what opponents are waiting for us in the group stage of the tournament.

Who participates in the draw

In the draw ceremony will participate the teams winning first and second places in their respective groups during qualifying. All participants will be announced in November 2019, when will be the last of the qualifiers. Additionally, the draw will involve the four winning teams of the play-offs, which will be held in March, and during the draw, they will be listed as “the winner of the play-off match 1, Winner play-off match 2, Winner play-off match 3” and “the winner of the play-off match 4”.

At the moment, already known for 6 participants of the draw: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.

The draw

24 participating teams will be divided into 6 groups with 4 teams in the group. Command-the mistress of the tournament (and 12) will break up in pairs and placed in one group. That is, each group will have two teams hosting the Euros.

Seeding of teams will be determined on the basis of qualifications, according to the following criteria:

1. The final place in the group
2. Glasses
3. The difference of scored and missed goals
4. Goals
5. Scored away goals
6. The number of wins
7. The number of guest victories
8. Lower disciplinary record (3 points for a red card, including automatically obtained for the second warning, and 1 point per yellow card)
9. Stars out of the League of Nations UEFA

Teams that win the play-offs will fall in the fourth seeding pot.

For some teams already known

Teams of countries hosting Euro 2020, which will be released in the final tournament, get into the appropriate groups automatically with the intention that in his field to spend at least two matches. If the qualification held both of them in the group, the city, which will take their fight will determine a lot.

Group A: Italy, Azerbaijan
Group B: Russia, Denmark
Group C: Netherlands, Romania
Group D: England, Scotland
Group E: Spain, Ireland
Group F: Germany, Hungary

Key dates

On 12 June in Rome will host the opening match. June 24, completed the group stage (day play up to four matches). In the third round of matches in all groups will be held at the same time. In the 1/8 finals the teams ranked first and second places in the groups and the four best third places.

The semi-finals and final of Euro 2020 will take place at Wembley stadium in London.

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