The DSNs showed a video of a rescue dog who suffered from hurricane

ГСЧС показала видео спасения собаки, пострадавшей от урагана

The animal suffered from bad weather

In Lviv, a tree fell on a doghouse and crushed the animal.

The state service of Ukraine for emergency situations on the page in Facebookв Friday, 6 October, posted a rescue dog, a box which fell a fallen storm tree.

“The storm, which took the Western regions of Ukraine last night left a lot of fallen trees. And if the person is usually able to quickly find or at least listen to the warnings of rescuers, our little friends the occasion may not be”, – said in comments to the video.

Events proishodili the morning of 6 October in Lvoe. Firefighters with utilities carried out work to cut the wood, then pulled the exhausted animal and handed it to the owners.

Rescuers added that “to ensure the safety of our younger brothers just as important as their own”.

We will remind, on the night of 6 October in several Western regions of Ukraine was hurricane wind, breaking trees and tearing down roofs off buildings. The result of bad weather were left without electricity 195 settlements.