The duty on chocolate from Russia came into force

Пошлина на шоколад из России вступила в силу

Began to operate the new duties on chocolate from Russia

Experts from Russia predict further loss of the Russian confectionary market of Ukraine.

In Ukraine from June 20 in force five-year anti-dumping duty size 31,33% for imports from Russia of chocolate and other finished food products with cocoa content.

According to RIA Novosti, in recent years, the volume of imports of chocolate from Russia to Ukraine reduced to a minimum. Russian experts predict that restrictive measures will lead to further loss of confectioners of the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian market.

Losses of Russia because of the Ukrainian duties for the chocolate will be up to $17 million

Recall that a month ago the international trade Commission on the basis of the analysis for the period 2013-2015 decided to impose anti-dumping measures against Russian chocolate. Was a fact of imports to Ukraine of certain types of Russian chocolate at low prices, which caused significant harm to the national commodity producer.

Also Ministry of economic development until the end of 2017 has extended the rates of import duty on the import of Russian goods.

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