The earth can be destroyed by a swarm of comets – scientists

Земля может быть уничтожена роем комет - ученые

According to astronomers, it can happen in a million years.

Polish scientists have predicted the possible destruction of Earth a swarm of comets, when passing the planet in a dangerous location, will be the star Gliese 710, reports Gizmodo.

Astronomers say that the star that will come to the Solar system at a dangerous distance, could lead to a global disaster – to provoke a bombardment of Earth by comets from the Oort cloud.

It is reported that at present, Gliese 710 is 64 light years from the Sun, and there is a rapprochement with him. It is assumed that approximately 1.35 million years the distance between them will be reduced to 13 thousand astronomical units – this is equivalent to the distance from the sun to the Earth.

This distance is overcome in 77 light days. In the end, the star will be within the Oort cloud, which is a spherical region around the Solar system. Scientists believe that this region formed an icy objects and is the source of comets.

There is a possibility that the gravity of the star Gliese 710 will change the trajectory of celestial bodies, which in the end will go to Ground. The risk of collision of comets and planets is large enough, it could trigger the extinction of life on it.

Earlier it was reported that NASA released a unique picture of the milky Way, created from many pictures taken by several observatories.

Gliese 710 is a single star, which is part of the constellation of the Serpent. It is located at a distance of approximately 64 svetovoy years from the Sun.

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