The earthquake caused a shift of sushi – scientists

Землетрясение стало причиной сдвига суши – ученые

Experts noticed that the highest point of the South island of New Zealand fell 20 centimeters.

In new Zealand the Royal research Institute established that the earthquake of 2016 moved the two Islands of the country. It is reported

Experts learned that the North and South Islands of New Zealand are closer to 35 inches. In addition, the city of Nelson, located on the highest point of the South island fell by some 20 millimeters.

Scientists believe that the reason was the earthquake of November 14, 2016. Then the tremors reached a magnitude of 6.2 to 7.4. After that was formed about 25 of the fault lines that interfere with geologists to further study the shift of the land.

The reason for seismic activity in the area of New Zealand is that it is located between the Indo-Australian and Pacific tectonic plates.

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