The Economist called the country of the year

The Economist назвал страну года

It was Colombia, and the other applicants were Estonia, Iceland, China, Taiwan and Canada.

The authoritative magazine The Economist has called Colombia the country in 2016. If your publication has justified not only the economic state of the country, but how its power has improved the lives of citizens.

The journalists write that the main achievement of the Columbia was the establishment of a truce between the government and Marxist rebel organization Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia.

The conflict lasted for half a century, which killed about 220 thousand people.

During the conflict the rebels has killed and kidnapped people, sold drugs and was involved in the organization of children. The Colombian authorities were no better.

Despite this, President Juan Manuel Santos failed to sign a peace agreement with the FARC, it was adopted by Congress on November 30.

“Like most peace agreements, this agreement is incomplete and involves terrible compromises. But the alternative is worse. Therefore, Colombia is a winner,” – said in the publication.

It is noted that other candidates for the title “country of the year” was Estonia, Iceland, China, Taiwan and Canada.

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