The effectiveness of vaccinations have proven query-Google

Эффективность прививок доказали на запросах Google

The study is based on data from web application Google Trends.

Scientists from the University of Michigan confirmed the effectiveness of vaccinations by Google queries. Experts found that in countries where the government has taken measures to vaccinate children against chickenpox, there is a decline in the number of queries in Google about this disease, notes the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists claim that this is evidence of the decline of morbidity of children after vaccination.

In the study, researchers analyzed data collected through the web application of Google Trends. This app provides information on how often people are interested in certain keywords.

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Experts have studied data over the past 11 years in 36 countries and found out which countries the most frequently reported infections. It turned out that these three countries: Thailand, Mexico and Estonia. Web queries have been found in these countries are closely associated with high levels of morbidity.

At the same time, in countries where measures against chickenpox will be accepted at the state level, the number of such requests is dramatically reduced. A particularly striking figure in this respect is Germany.

Earlier it was reported that, according to scientists, antibiotics impair your memory if taken in large quantities.