The eldest son of the deceased at St. Vatutin in Kiev told the details of what happened

Старший сын погибшего на пр. Ватутина в Киеве рассказал подробности произошедшего

Fatal accident in Kiev

Senior, 21-year-old son of the deceased on Vatutina Avenue in Kyiv, told reporters that occurred on the evening of October 6, reports “TSN”. Earlier it was reported that a man with his son on a dare ran across the road.

“No there was no dispute. I was with my girlfriend, and my dad and my brother. We went to the circus, after the circus was trying to get to the subway, we saw no transitions, and started to look. My father is not taking alcohol almost never , and then was completely sober. As it happened, he said, “should cross”. I don’t know what he had in mind was. I stopped to look at the map in the phone where to find the transition, and have been looking for, and they went in the opposite direction in the direction of Troyeshchyna, and then came back and went in the direction of stop. I thought they were at the bus stop will wait for some kind of transport, and they went ahead and began to run across the road,” said 21-year-old reporters on the phone.

According to him, it was a girl in a short period of time also went towards the spot and saw some cars stopped with emergency alarms, and soon there arrived the carriage of an emergency. Closer, the boy saw under the covers of his 7-year-old brother.

According to the edition, now the whole family is in very serious condition, they can’t understand why my father resorted to such a step. After the forensic family will give the dead bodies, then they will be able to bury them.

We will remind, in the evening of 6 November in the capital on Ave Vatutina there was a fatal accident. According to preliminary information, the father with the son “in dispute” ran across the road in an unspecified place, opposite Sky Mall.

The father died at the scene of the incident, and the child died during the night in intensive care.

According to police, the father and son decided to cross the road in an unspecified place, while a mother with another child used the underground passage.