The elections in Hungary were imported EN masse of the local media

На выборы в Венгрию массово завозили закарпатцев - СМИ

In border villages were brought Ukrainians from Transcarpathia

About two hundred of the inhabitants of Transcarpathia with dual citizenship voted in local elections in Hungary, which caused protests among local residents.

On the day of local elections in Hungary on October 13 in the selected border villages orderly arrived persons with dual Ukrainian-Hungarian nationality who are registered in Hungary, although don’t live there, according to

In some places it almost came to blows. Particularly tense was the situation in the village Kisfaludy, region Szabolcs-szatmár-Bereg. The population per day has increased markedly.

According to the Hungarian portal 444, between local residents and guests had a conflict. In Kisfaludi independent candidate Norbert Aubrey competed with Barnabases Madara, the candidate of the ruling Fidesz-KDNP.

“The village rebelled against dual citizens. People don’t want them here have decided something!” said Aubrey.

He noted that the local group is constantly on duty near the polling station and does not allow “dual citizens”, which are continuously being brought in from abroad, that is from Ukraine.

Police region of Szabolcs-szatmár-Bereg reacted to the remark of journalists: “the Police took action against the driver of the car that waited in front of the polling station. The driver received a warning”.

Since 2010, the number of residents participating in elections in Kisfaludi has doubled, according to the material RTL. One local woman reported that dual citizens were spelled out in her house, but she didn’t know.

Overall it was about about 200 people who, according to locals, came to vote in the village.

The Hungarian website Index also reported that the local shouted arriving in the face: “get Out of here! Not decide who will be mayor!”

Elections in Kisfaludi defeated the son of former mayor and candidate of the ruling Fidesz-KDNP.

Recall that such a scheme “transportation” of persons with dual citizenship from Transcarpathia was recorded in the parliamentary elections in Hungary in the spring of 2018.

Then Transcarpathian recognized that organized thousands of votes for the party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The case even went to trial.

Recall that a year ago there was a big political scandal after the network got the video, as in the Hungarian Consulate in Transcarpathia: the Ukrainians are issued a Hungarian passport under the champagne.

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