The elections of 2019 will cost Ukrainians in 4.3 billion

Выборы 2019 года обойдутся украинцам в 4,3 млрд

The CEC has estimated the cost of elections

Also 247 million to the CEC to be elected to local councils and rural and urban presidents.

The holding of presidential elections in 2019 will cost 2,355 billion, and parliamentary elections will cost 1,950 billion. Such expenditure approved by the Central election Commission on Friday, August 3, the press service of the Ministry.

Additionally, 247 million, the CEC is required for the election of deputies of local councils and village, settlement, city chairmen; 224 million UAH – for the functioning of the state register of voters.

In 2017, the CEC assumed that the support of the state register will require not more than 47 million hryvnia, the increase in the budget request associated risk of cyber-attacks in an election year. Budget requests for this program in 2020-2021 year again will be reduced to 47-48 million.

As you know, elections of the President of Ukraine to be held on March 31, 2019, the election of the Verkhovna Rada on 27 October 2019.

Earlier it was reported that Poroshenko does not believe in the victory in the elections in the first round.

Recall that the lion’s share of Ukrainians expect fraud from the presidential election.


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