The electoral Commission of Slavyansk said about the impostor in areas

В избиркоме Славянска заявили о самозванцах на участках

Zenov said about the capture of the plots is unknown

In Nikolaevka Slavic area unknown seized precinct election commissions, say in the Slavic district electoral Commission.

The head of the Slavic district electoral Commission Roman Zenov said about the unknown that organizovao self-styled meeting of the precinct election commissions of Nikolayevka. The assurances Zenova, they made the grab on the basis of the alleged decision of the Slavic district election Commission, according to Slavgorod.

“According to the criminal code is article 158, forgery, which provides for criminal liability. Such actions imposters secretly trying to organize the election process – corny falsifiziert of an electoral process and the decisions of the commissions,” said Zenov.

He also said that meetings of election commissions sent the appropriate appeal to the head of the state administration, as well as statements to the police, the Prosecutor and the Central election Commission with a demand to bring to criminal responsibility of the Secretary and Vice-Chairman of the Slavic district electoral Commission and to ensure compliance with laws during the election of the company in Nikolaevka.

“Say again, neither I nor the previous Chairman of the district election Commission no meetings about the formation of precinct election commissions did not”, – said Zenov.

The separatists announced the discovery in Slavyansk cell DNI