The electoral process takes place in five districts, but the decision to change, the CEC will be done – Magera

Избирательный процесс проходит в пяти округах, но решение о смене ЦИК будет выполнено, - Магера

Andriy Magera

The electoral process takes place in five counties on Sunday dogadatsa two districts, but despite this, the decision to change the Central election Commission, if accepted, will be executed. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the Deputy Chairman of the CEC Andriy Mahera.

“It is clear that the electoral process already began in five constituencies in the elections to lying, and already on Sunday will start the electoral process, in addition, in two districts, in total there will be seven. We are currently working, if there is a parliamentary decision, personnel decision, to change the composition of the CEC, of course, it will be executed”, – he said.

Thus Magera explained that according to the law on the CEC, its members appointed by the Parliament upon recommendation of the President, which he has taken into account the proposals of the factions.

“How would someone liked or didn’t like, in my opinion, without exception, all the parliamentary factions, which are represented in Parliament, and six of them, and two parliamentary groups still have the right for their representative to the CEC. Another question, what is their number may be. But as for me, it’s about the journey, not to give representation of some parliamentary factions or parliamentary group,” he said.

Related news: the CEC want to divide between the PPO and “popular front”.

According to Mager, talks about candidates is still going on, continues to coordinate positions. Thus he Magera concerning own appointment talked exclusively with the faction “people’s front”.

“Any other negotiations with any other parliamentary factions, I’m not driving and we did not communicate on this subject”, – he assured.

We will remind, people’s Deputy Dmytro Dobrodomov said that the issue regarding changes in the composition of the Central election Commission that “Block of Petro Poroshenko” does not see in it any of the old Commission. As reported, Deputy Chairman of the CEC Andriy Mahera has confirmed that his candidacy is offered in the new composition of the CEC, the deputies from the “popular front”.

It was announced that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko this week will make to the Parliament the candidates in the new composition of the CEC. But it never happened. At the same time in the civil network OPORA reported that the three current members of the CEC are considered as possible candidates in the new composition of the CEC. It Michael Ohendovsky, Zhanna Usenko-Chorna And Andriy Mahera.

We will remind, at 12 of the 15 CEC members 1 June 2015, ended a seven-year term of office. All the factions have already submitted their proposals to the President regarding the composition of the CEC. The delay was due to the lack of in Parliament representation from the head of state.