The elephant who escaped in Ukraine, was a joke

Слон, сбежавший в Украине, оказался шуткой

The elephant in the Ukraine is not ran

In Belarus made up a story about circus animal by April 1.

Transport company marks admitted that the common March 31, through resource the news escaped from their truck, the elephant is an April fool’s joke.

“Thank you for your interest in our company and news. Thank you, that was not indifferent to the sad story of an elephant named Marquis. Frankly, we did not expect such attention to our early April fool’s joke. I hope we amused you,” – said in a statement.

As reported, 15-year-old elephant was allegedly immersed in the territory of Hungary, to take it to Belarus. However, during the journey on the territory of Ukraine, the elephant knocked the door, got out of the body and ran into the woods.

In the message quoted the words of the driver, who in an interview spoke about his meeting with the police and border guard service.

Noteworthy, today morning, a spokesman for the state border service Oleg Slobodyan roswel theme with an elephant in his Facebook.

“Last night, border guard dog, which the staff of the state border service were involved in searching for the elephant, took the track in the Rivne region. The animal has escaped from the carrier near the border with Belarus”, – he wrote.

“After analyzing all “for” and “against”, the border guards decided not to hold an elephant, and by feeding, released in Rivne forests to continue to help counteract the damage of Ukrainian natural resources. Now Marquis will be walking through the forest and troubling to the violators,” said a spokesman for the state border service, wishing them a good mood.