The embalming of mummies appeared thousands of years before the pharaohs

Бальзамирование мумий появилось на тысячи лет раньше фараонов

Mummy age 5500 years

The ancient Egyptians used the recipe of mummies and a half thousand years earlier than was believed until now.

Scientists studied the mummy, which was found in 1901. It turned out that her age is roughly 5.5 thousand years. But scientists believed that the embalming appeared in 2500 BC. It is reported Dailyi Mal.

The study of the male mummy, who was found in Upper Egypt, has changed the view of experts on mummification.

The place itself finds indicates a more widespread practice of creating mummies than previously thought. The scientists also learned that 5.5 thousand years ago mummification already existed and were used specifically.

Previously, experts believed that the use of this practice a man began around 2500 BC, and the first cases occurred in a natural way.

Also, experts have recreated the recipe of the first formulas for modifikatsii. The ancient Egyptians used a mixture of vegetable oil, hot resin of coniferous trees, aromatic oils of various plants and an adhesive resin or sugar. It soaked the cloth which covered the body.

Previously, in Egypt, in a black sarcophagus discovered three mummies Also the Correspondent wrote that in Egypt have found eight million mummy dogs

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