The end 21 may: Europe Day on the abolition of visas

Итоги 21 мая: День Европы и отмена виз presents the main events of yesterday.

Lukashenko first arrived in the EU after the lifting of sanctions

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko pays his first post-sanctions EU visit to Italy and the Vatican.

As the press service of the Belarusian President, on Friday in the framework of the visit held talks with Lukashenko and his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella.

Relatives of MH17 victims have filed a lawsuit against Russia

The relatives of the victims downed in 2014 in the Donbass Boeing demanded compensation of $330 million in damages from Russia and personally President Vladimir Putin.

A lawsuit in the European court of human rights was filed by Australian legal firm LHD from Sydney.

Ukraine will not buy coal from South Africa this year

Ukraine in 2016 will not buy coal from South Africa, said energy Minister Igor Nasalik.

“This year we won’t buy. Yet, at the moment, given the conditions and our capabilities that we have, we can not buy from South Africa obscure the coal that was coming,” said Nasalik.

Kazakhstan embraced the protests

In Kazakhstan on the protests against the amendments to the land law detained a few dozen activists and journalists of several publications, including Kazakh unit of “Radio Liberty” and “Novaya Gazeta”. Journalists were later released.

As told journalists the Deputy General Prosecutor Andrei Kravchenko, in addition to members of the media, which was released later, on unauthorized protests held in several cities of the country, were detained about 40 people.

Kyiv celebrates Europe Day

This weekend, may 21 and 22, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Europe. In the capital, the celebration will be held at St. Michael’s square.

As reported in the press service of the KSCA, the opening ceremony of the Europe Day took place on may 21 at 12:00 with the participation of the leadership of the state and the city, the head of the EU delegation in Ukraine, representatives of embassies of EU member States accredited in Ukraine.

To abolish visas for Kiev should be very soon

The European Commission insists that Ukraine has fulfilled the action Plan on visa liberalization, and should soon get a visa-free regime.

“The European Commission, despite skeptical statements by some member countries of the EU hopes that Ukraine will soon receive a visa-free regime. The European Commission insists that Ukraine has fulfilled VLAP and needs to obtain visa-free “very soon”, – reads the statement of the EU delegation in Ukraine.

Obama forbade the use of the term “Negro”

In the United States there was a law according to which in the Federal documents should disappear terms like “Negro” or “Oriental” (comes from Asia), is spoken in the message of the TV channel ABC News.

“President Obama has signed a law that should replace the Federal legislation of appeal to minorities that are considered offensive, such as “Oriental” and “Negro”, – stated in the message.

The results of the may 20: March of Azov and minus another Bank