The end of may 30: a Fire near Lviv, the cops in Mariupol

Итоги 30 мая: Пожар под Львовом, копы в Мариуполе

Gribovichi a fire at a landfill near the city presents the main events of yesterday.

The UAE has banned the import of food products from Ukraine

The United Arab Emirates has banned the import of food products from Ukraine. The state foods and consumer service announced that the UAE stopped exporting food products from Ukraine in connection with the termination of Halal certification Ukrainian centre.

The issue of restoration certification is on personal control of the Minister of agrarian policy and food of Taras Kutovy. The Halal certification process centers on average lasts up to a year.

In Mariupol started a new patrol police

Patrol police officers took the oath of office in Mariupol. The city will служить172 patrol for 26 cars. The total number of police patrol service in Ukraine currently stands at 12 thousand people.

After the fire at the dump near Lviv lost three rescuers

Near Lviv on Gribovichi the dump on Monday under the landslide debris were three firefighters. According to authorities, slid about 100 thousand cubic meters of debris. The preliminary cause of landslide is called a fire at the dump, which was extinguished for two days.

On the scene deployed a field camp and a mobile clinic. As of 23.00 on Monday in search of was attended by 475 people and 63 units of equipment, including dog training calculations.

NABOO has begun investigating “black accounting” of the Party of regions

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine has started investigation on the basis of the statement ex-the Deputy head of the SBU Victor Trepak.

Trepak alleges that he gave to NABU documents proving illegal payments by the Party of regions cash a number of former and current senior officials. According to him, we are talking about the so-called “black accounting” of the Party of regions with the total payout amounting to about $2 billion.

Lutsenko gave 100 days to investigate high-profile cases in the GPU

Yury Lutsenko has submitted its programme of work at the head of the Prosecutor General and the first appointments.

The attorney General promises for two years to turn the GPU into a European institution. The current main challenge, he said housekeeping visits system.”I decided that the unit of investigation does not change their leaders, … give hundred days to all the managers of the investigation,” he said.

Корреспондент.net gathered information about swing at Lutsenko.

Turkey launched the production of bunker busters

Turkey has begun manufacturing the country’s first bunker busters. Corporation mechanical and chemical industries (MKEK) recently certified a 907-kilogram bomb for use by aircraft F-16 and F-4.

The basis for the establishment of the Turkish bunker Buster bomb was the American bomb Mark 84, bridges and dams.

The head of the patrol police of Kiev got in an accident in Mariupol

The chief of police of Kiev Yuri Zozulya got in an accident in Mariupol, Donetsk region. The accident occurred in the night of may 30.

Daewoo going on Metallurgov Avenue (the main road), hit the Hyundai, which moved down the street an Italian from Prospekt Nakhimova. The blow fell on the right wheel of the Hyundai, Daewoo and then launched, and again he crashed into a Hyundai, this time in the rear wing.

Driving a Hyundai was cuckoo, who arrived in Mariupol on the launching ceremony of the patrol police of the city.


Erdogan has accused Russia of supplying arms to the Turkish Kurds

Ankara has announced the supply of arms by Moscow to the forbidden in Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party. “Now the terrorists (PKK) in the hands of anti-aircraft weapons and missiles, which gave them the Russia. The separatists are equipped with this. This weapon is supplied to terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq,” said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Two convicted in Russia of Ukrainians asked Putin for pardon

Convicts in Russia, Gennady Afanasyev and Yury Soloshenko wrote a petition for pardon to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the lawyer Alexander Popkov Afanasyev.

According to him, the clemency petition his client has written without admitting guilt. He noted that to write a petition Afanasyev was proposed to simplify procedures for the transfer to the Ukraine as the most simple way”.

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