The energy Ministry has raised the price of state coal

Минэнерго повысило цену на государственный уголь

The price has corrected by 10%

Prices rose from 2200 to 2425 UAH per 1 ton.

The Ministry of energy and coal industry raised the price of coal for the state mining enterprises from 2200 to 2425 UAH per 1 ton. The decision was taken during the meeting regarding the determination of the boundary prices for coal products, transmit Ukrainian news.

As noted, the new price reflects the increase in the prices of coal on foreign markets and will operate from 1 November.

Deputy energy Minister Anatolii Korzun announced that the issue has long been under consideration of the Ministry.

“If in Ukraine will be below the cost of production of coal and is a coal surplus in the market, then the price will go down. But when there is a shortage of coal (including grade “d” – ed.), the price increases. Today we have created a shortage of coal production,” said Korzun.

Recall, anthracite coal from the occupied territories of Donbass semi-hits in Poland, and profit from it mainly receives the leader of the separatist organization of the LC Igor Carpenter