The escalation in the Donbas. Russia will answer for Syria?

Эскалация на Донбассе. Россия ответит за Сирию?

Amid the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass increased the number of attacks, Russia is moving the equipment closer to the Ukrainian border, and militants carried out the teachings.

Increase the intensity of the fighting in the Donbas is impossible not to notice. All last week the number of attacks every day more than 50, although recently in Minsk have agreed on the next “silent mode”.

While the West shows the power in Syria, there has been talk that Russia may respond in the Donbas.

Response to the bombing

The US and allies, on 14 April released 105 missiles on Syria. According to the Pentagon bombed the objects that are associated with the development of chemical weapons. The effectiveness of such attacks is a separate issue. However, talk about the fact that the Kremlin would respond to them, and not the fact that directly in Syria – more and more.

Rocket attack USA and its allies to force Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in response to chemical attack in the city of Duma (Eastern ghouta province) made up of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ridicule, said Russian opposition leader and political analyst Konstantin Borovoy.

“The dwarf spanked. A victory parade under threat is over Putin will laugh. Ukraine is ready to take revenge on Putin will be there,” wrote Borovoy in Facebook.

The people’s Deputy Dmitry Tymchuk believes that Putin is to try to win back Ukraine in case of defeat in Syria.

“It is possible that the escalation in the Donbas is Putin a means of political pressure. I absolutely do not rule out such a scenario and knowing the warlike image of Putin, the likely escalation in the Donbass in case of failure of Russian troops in Syria. It’s just in the spirit of the current Kremlin elite,” – said the MP.

Preparing for the attack?

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov announced that Russia is concentrating on Ukraine’s border ready for large-scale continental war grouping.

Security Council Secretary noted that at the direction of Donetsk Ukraine is opposed to the 8th army, and one of the divisions of this army ready to fight at any time.

“Is the army ready for large-scale application to large-scale continental war,” Turchynov said.

According to the NSDC, against Ukraine can today to be involved about 260 thousand Russian soldiers, 3,5 thousand tanks, more than 11 thousand armored vehicles and about 4 thousand artillery systems, more than 1 thousand of reactive systems of volley fire.

“All these troops will support 4 and 6 of the army air forces of the Russian Federation”,- said Secretary of the NSDC.

That can start phase of the hot war, said the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

“It is clear that a large military operation in Ukraine is fraught with risks and losses for Putin, because we already know how to fight back. But for us it can be huge losses.

For example, the forces of the two occupying armies, armored fist, which is more than the armored forces of Britain, the Russian mercenaries will attack – for example, in the direction of Mariupol or Kramatorsk. It will be a very difficult mission for the Russian Federation because we are not in 2014. But you still need to understand that the ratio of our forces and the Russian Federation are very different. Yes, we also now have new missiles and many other things, but it will be a very tough clash. But we must know and consider that it is possible”, – said Avakov.

The actions of the militants

In the occupied territory of Donbass militants DNR conducted a so-called “military exercises” reservists.

In the LC have built a large number of tanks, howitzers, missile systems “earth-air”, jet systems of volley fire, infantry fighting vehicles and Armored personnel carriers on the outskirts of the occupied Lugansk.

“Armed groups in Luhansk announced his intention to violate the Minsk agreement, namely to place a large number of vehicles in the city centre may 9; the arms placed on the outskirts of Lugansk,” – said the first Deputy of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander hug.

Эскалация на Донбассе. Россия ответит за Сирию?


The rows are 7 missile systems “earth-air”, 7 tanks, 7 rocket launchers, 7 self-propelled howitzers and 10 howitzers in tow, and 7 infantry fighting vehicles and Armored personnel carriers.

From Volker my opinion

The US special envoy on Ukraine Kurt Volker believes that the situation in Syria can affect the Donbass.

According to him, business in the middle East and in Ukraine are different things.

Walker does not believe that the Kremlin is preparing a new offensive in the Donbass in the near future.

“The Russians 4 years to support the conflict in the East of Ukraine – tanks, mortars, infantry, radio-electronic weapons – all that you can imagine. This issue is therefore constant rotation of equipment and people. I don’t think there is movement on the Russian-Ukrainian border are markedly different from those that we’ve seen the past 3.5 years,” he said.