The EU Council agreed on the abolition of visas for Ukrainian citizens

Совет ЕС согласовал отмену виз для граждан Украины

The Council of the EU. Archive photo

The Council of the European Union on 2 March, agreed to the abolition of the visa regime for citizens of Ukraine, the press service of the EU Council.

“The ambassadors to the EU on 2 March 2017 on behalf of the Council confirmed the informal agreement on liberalization of visa regime for Ukrainians, which the Maltese presidency and the EP was reached on February 28,” – said in the message.

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The agreement provides for visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens when travelling in EU for a stay of 90 days within a 180-day period.

“We have demonstrated our firm commitment to visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens, as at present, Ukraine has fulfilled the necessary conditions for visa-free regime. The reform of the suspension mechanism, adopted February 27, allowed us to conclude this agreement”, – stated in the message of the EU Council.

EU ambs have endorsed visa lib for #Ukraine. One more round of approval is needed after the vote in the EP’s committee civil lib & in EP plenary

— Rikard Jozwiak (@RikardJozwiak) March 2, 2017

Note that on 28 February, the European Parliament and the EU Council agreed on a visa-free regime for Ukrainians. Now the agreement should confirm the relevant Committee of the European Parliament on March 9, followed by – EP at the plenary session, which will take place roughly 3-4 April. Final approval of visa-free regime for citizens of Ukraine to be held at the meeting of the EU Council on foreign Affairs on may 11.

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