The EU does not know about the mood in Ukraine – expert

В ЕС не знают о настроениях в Украине - эксперт

The Europeans are misinformed about the essence of what is happening in Ukraine processes, the Director VISGRA Victor Levitsky

The majority of Ukrainians believe that the main provisions of the Minsk agreements is an unacceptable concessions to the enemy, he said.

European politicians and diplomats, trying to contribute to the resolution of the conflict in the Donbass may start from false premises, not knowing the real sentiment in Ukraine.

This was stated by Director of the Ukrainian Institute of strategies of global development and adaptations of Victor Levitsky.

He noted that the Minsk agreements are considered by Ukrainian politicians as a document signed by the parties without formal authority and is not intended for literal execution.

The expert believes that despite the assurances of top officials commitment to Minsk, “second” entity, as well as Ukrainian media influenced public opinion in the opposite direction.

In the end, a significant part of Ukrainians is convinced that the main provisions of the Minsk agreements is an unacceptable concessions to the enemy.

These include Amnesty participants of the conflict from the DPR and LPR, the local elections in the territories, the granting of special status.

According to experts, this has led to the fact that the Ukrainian government was depending on generated in the society the image of the “enemy” – LDNR, which, with the support of Russia are trying to impose on Ukraine the scenario.

“Neither the authorities nor the opposition can’t get out of the vicious circle and take a step towards the implementation of the Minsk and the siege in the face of population everyone who decides to take this step, you will become a traitor and will lose electoral support,” says Levitsky.

Thus, the expert believes, the problem of resolving the situation in Donbas , in particular associated with the mood of the minds of ordinary Ukrainians, for whom the rejection of the rhetoric of recent years in favor of the implementation of Minsk will mean naprasnosti the deaths of thousands of people.

Earlier, another expert said that Kiev can impose the Russian script of “Minsk”.