The EU fined € 200 million in the world’s largest manufacturer of beer

В ЕС оштрафован на 200 млн евро крупнейший в мире производитель пива

The European Commission came to the conclusion that AB InBev has abused its dominant position and violated the antitrust rules of the EU.

The European Commission has fined beer Corporation, AB InBev for 200 million Euro for violation of the antitrust rules of the EU. This was reported on the website of the European Commission on Monday, may 13.

So, in Brussels came to the conclusion that the world’s largest beer producer had abused its dominant position in the beer market in Belgium, preventing the import to the country of their Jupiler beer from the Netherlands at a lower price.

“Belgian consumers pay for their favourite beer is more expensive because AB InBevпроизвольно limit its sales between the Netherlands and Belgium,” said EU Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager.

Anheuser-Busch InBev NV/ SA (AB InBev) is the largest brewing company in the world. Their most popular beer brand in Belgium – Jupiler on total sales accounted for about 40% of the Belgian beer market.

The company sells Jupilerтакже in other member States of the EU, including the Netherlands and France. In the Netherlands, because of the higher competition it sells to its retailers and wholesalers cheaper than in Belgium. Those, in turn, imported it to Belgium.

ABInBevиспользовала different ways to prevent cross-border sales. In particular, it changed the design and content of the labels of containers of beer sold in the Netherlands so that the mandatory information on them was only in Dutch. It limited the supply of Dutch beer to wholesalers, so they have less opportunities to sell it in neighbouring Belgium.

The European Commission has concluded that the company AB InBev in the period from 9 February 2009 to 31 October 2016 has abused its dominant position and violated the antitrust rules of the EU. She “deprived European consumers of the main benefits of the EU single market, namely profitable opportunities to make purchases”.

Earlier, the European Commission imposed a fine in the amount of 1.49 billion euros on the us Corporation Google for violating European norms on competition when advertising on the Internet and its selection by search online.

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