The EU is caught “dead” corrupt from Ukraine

В ЕС пойман "умерший" коррупционер из Украины

In France detained a Ukrainian corrupt

The local police became interested in the man after the purchase of the castle. He also confiscated a vintage Rolls Royce Phantom and three pictures Given.

The French gendarmerie, supported by Europol, was arrested in Burgundy, “a senior fugitive” from Ukraine, who was suspected of international fraud and money laundering. On Tuesday, October 16, the press service of Europol.

Officially, the detainee was considered to be dead, however, at the time, as it is actually lived in France in a big way. He was in sight of the police when buying a lock.

The French gendarmerie began investigating alleged suspicious transactions related to the purchase of the castle for three million euros, the Luxembourg-based company, whose principal owner was a citizen of Ukraine, a suspect in corruption on a large scale at home.

Taking into account the international aspect of the case, the French authorities asked for the support of Europol.

“Effective cooperation with Ukrainian and Luxembourgish officials revealed that the main suspect wanted in the country for corruption. However, he managed to avoid justice by making a fake death certificate”, – stated in the message.

Subsequently, the scale of the French investigation has changed dramatically: it went from a case of internal fraud to international money laundering of proceeds of corruption. Thus, it is believed that the suspect was behind the Commission of international fraud and high level money laundering.

“Confiscation for one day is more than 4.6 million euros and includes the castle, a vintage Rolls Royce Phantom, and three works of art by Salvador Dali”, – reported in Europol.

Earlier in Odessa region detained Moldavian, who is wanted by Interpol. The man tried to cross the border, but during the events control on it tripped the Interpol database.

Also, Ukrainian border guards detained a Turk, wanted by Interpol.

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