The EU is trying to sue Russia in WTO

ЕС пытается засудить Россию через ВТО

Europe wants Russia annual payments in the amount of 1.39 million euros.

The EU intends to collect from Russia of 1.39 billion euros a year because of the restrictions on the import of pork. The world trade organization has already sent the requirement of Brussels to the court of arbitration, writes the American edition of Politico.

As noted, the EU increases pressure on Russia “in the battle of mirror sanctions.” Familiar with the situation, the sources claim that the case of financial recovery of Russia has received the development after the WTO sent Brussels’s demand for compensation in the court of arbitration.

As explained by one of the representatives of the European Union, the arbitration will decide according to the lawsuit. After that, in the case of a positive decision, the court will determine the possibility of applying this measure against Russia.

In 2016, the WTO ruled that Russia imposed a ban on illegal pork imports from the EU. These measures were a heavy blow to the farmers of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Brussels by their actions “begins to actively challenge the legality of politically motivated grocery sanctions against the EU”.

“It will be an interesting year for Geneva discussions”, — leads edition of the words trading EU diplomat working in Switzerland.

Brussels is demanding compensation of 1.39 billion euros annually equals the total value of pork exports from the EU to Russia in 2013. It is planned that the size of penalties every year will rise by 15%.

Recall, the world trade organization upheld the EU trade dispute with Russia.