The EU offered Ukraine the worst option – Medvedchuk

ЕС предложил Украине наихудший вариант - Медведчук

The politician believes that Ukraine in the EU is nothing to do.

The European integration vector of Ukraine is not identical to the situation in the EU, said Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Centrifugal tendencies every month appear stronger, and it becomes clear: it is not limited to Brexit, the collapse of the European Union is only a matter of time. In Slovakia began collecting signatures for a referendum on Slovexit. On leaving the EU they say in Hungary. After the decision of the UK to leave the EU “independent voyage” began in Denmark, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. And even in Germany and France – the countries which is considered a stronghold of the European Union, about one third of citizens are in favour exit from the EU”, – explained the situation politician.

Medvedchuk believes that the world got some clear signals, indicating the impossibility of the existence of the EU in its current form.

“Signal the first: the speakers of the parliaments of four of the founding countries of the EU urged to create a Federal Union. The second signal was received from the European Commission: Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled five scenarios the EU recovery from the crisis. The range of options is wide: from “to do much more together” to “nothing but a single market.” The latter essentially means minimizing all processes of political integration in the EU. And while Juncker admitted that wanted to exclude this option, a number of governments of States members of the Association are exclusively of economic integration”, – said the leader of “Ukrainian choice”.

The politician reminded that such a scenario of cooperation, but in the worst – sided version, was proposed three years ago Ukraine.

“By opening its market to European goods, Ukraine has not reached the “capacious and promising” market of the EU. Of course, such a scenario of cooperation in the interests of the European Union. But the benefits to Ukraine could not be considered. The so-called free trade area with the EU has brought down the Ukrainian economy. Today, Kiev is forced to humbly ask Brussels on additional trade preferences and the increase of quotas on duty-free exports of goods, receiving in response a new ultimatums”, – says the politician.

Earlier, Medvedchuk said that Ukraine for the EU – supplier of raw materials.

Blockade of Donbass and the new growth of utility tariffs related to Medvedchuk