The EU will contribute to the fight against corruption 16 million

ЕС выделит на борьбу с коррупцией 16 миллионов

Ukraine remains most corrupt country in Europe

Ukraine and the EU signed the relevant agreement.

Ukraine and the European Union on Thursday, November 24, at the summit Ukraine-EU in Brussels signed an agreement on the financing of the activities of the Anticorruption initiative of the EU in Ukraine for the sum more than 16 million euros.

The total budget of the event is 16,34 million euros, of which EU will invest EUR 15 million, Denmark – 1.34 million euros.

EU funds want to direct on strengthening the capacity of public authorities responsible for the fight against corruption and ensuring the integrity of employees of other institutions and organs of justice.

It is also planned to improve parliamentary oversight of the implementation of anti-corruption reforms, to involve society and the media to anti-corruption activities.

Provide assistance in the form of information-Advisory support, equipment, events for exchange of experience, training and analytical research. The project will begin at the end of this year.

As reported Корреспондент.netthe EU will allocate millions on Ukrainian officials

The IMF stated the failure in the fight against corruption


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