The European Parliament voted to suspend talks on Turkey’s membership in the European Union

Европарламент проголосовал за приостановку переговоров о членстве Турции в Евросоюзе

European Parliament, photo from archive

MEPs voted to suspend the negotiations between Ankara and Brussels on the accession of Turkey to the European Union. On it informs Agency Reuters.

According to the Agency, in a resolution adopted by a majority of MEPs, calls on the Commission and the governments of the EU about the suspension of further negotiations with Ankara. The reason is called “disproportionate” reaction of the Turkish authorities after a failed coup attempt in the country.

A document initiated by the parliamentary faction of the European socialists and Democrats, but it is only a guide.

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It is noted that this decision was made in connection with political repression by the Turkish authorities against the opposition and independent media after the military coup in July 2016.

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An integral part of the signed on March 18 this year, an agreement the EU and Turkey the migrants were visa-free regime by July 2016. For this, the Turkish authorities had to perform 72 the terms of Brussels, however, Ankara has refused to comply with them. In particular Turkey not satisfied with EU requirements on change of the antiterrorist legislation. The EU believes that the current provisions of the law can be used to prosecute opposition and government critics and journalists.

Later Turkey said that if the EU does not give her a visa-free regime until the end of the year and will not stop to insist on the abolition of anti-terrorism legislation, Ankara refuses signed in March agreement on the admission of illegal immigrants.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he sees the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) alternative to the European Union.

We will remind, in Turkey after the coup attempt were arrested 35 thousand 26 thousand people released from custody, but under surveillance. In addition, after the attempted coup closed 130 media.