The Eurovision song contest in 2016: the Best covers of the song “1944” Jamala

Евровидение-2016: Лучшие каверы на песню "1944" Джамалы

Ukraine won the Eurovision in 2016.

The first places were taken by Jamal with the song “1944”.

Second place – the representatives of Australia, DAMI Im. The third was Russian Sergey Lazarev.

For Ukraine this is the second victory in the Eurovision song contest. In 2004 won with Ruslana’s song Wild dances, and in the 2005 Eurovision held in Kiev. This year even before the finals of the competition in Sweden many of the musicians, admiring a song Jamala “1944”, began to present their own reading of the song about the Crimean Tatars.

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We invite you to see the best covers for the song “1944” Jamala.

One of the first cover version of “1944” Jamala sang Briton Danny McEvoy. He said, ” I don’t own this vocal, like Jamal, but hopes that “the good people of Ukraine” will he sing along. Video has become very popular.

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Another interesting cover on Jamal was played by children accordion players from the group “Ragged fur”. They use only acoustic instruments: Bayan, accordion and bass accordion.

Ukrainian Yaroslav Dzhus with Maxim Bereznyak and Valentin Bogdanov sang “1944” on the Ukrainian ethnic instruments and filmed a touching video with ethnic motifs.

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The musicians handle the song Jamala in various forms: ethnic, rock, drum and so on. Look!