The Eurovision song contest in Kiev inefficiently used 70 million

На Евровидение в Киеве неэффективно использовали 70 миллионов

The organizers of the Eurovision song contest in Kiev inefficiently used more than two million euros

The chamber found that 46.2 million was spent in violation of the law, 13.4 million UAH wasteful, and 9 million UAH ineffectively.

The accounting chamber conducted an audit on the subject of state funds used for the organization of the Eurovision song contest in Kiev, finding different types of violations of almost 70 million. The report published on the Agency’s website.

So, to ensure that the contest of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine there were 180 procurement (2016 – three purchases worth 6570,0 thousand hryvnia, 2017 – 177 purchases worth 399803,4 thousand hryvnias and 3188,8 thousand euros) and all exclusively on a contractual procedure.

Any paper contracts for the period of 2016 have no television, which makes it impossible to establish compliance with three of the procurement requirements of the legislation.

It was found that after a few months after the Eurovision NOTE purchased server for storage of video surveillance system for the duration of the competition is to purchase from the company T Platform amounted to almost 200 thousand UAH. But as it turned out, necessity in its acquisition was not, because a month before the Eurovision broadcasting company has already acquired a surveillance system from the company of the wife ex-the head of SBU Igor Drizhchany. For 6 servers and 115 of the chambers firm Svetlana Smagulova Esay Bis received more than 12 million UAH.

Another company, Sieci Consulting company under the terms of the agreement made 30-second promo clip for the presentation of Ukraine and Eurovision abroad for a total of almost 5 million UAH, while the cost of the product was estimated to be only 1.4 million. It is also noteworthy that the company that entrusted this product is the exclusive representative in Ukraine of the American TV channel CNN.

The company Artmaks Engineering had to install and then dismantle the viewing platform for this it was necessary to have 7000 spectator seats.

As the company did not have such equipment, then had to attract the target. Sports complex gave its seat in Areda for 500 thousand hryvnias, and now the company Artmaks Engineering in the contract with the broadcasting company indicated the cost of the same seats, reclining, in the amount of 1.7 million UAH, despite the fact that the total amount of the contract with the NOTE amounted to 18.6 million UAH.

The breach was noticed in the Commission of an advance payment in the amount of 60%, which according to the Legislation of Ukraine should not be paid before execution of works. The company, which is contrary to the law could receive millions became firm assistant people’s Deputy Andrey Denisenko and Kirill Timoshenko Goodmedia.

Separate column in the report of the accounting chamber includes a cash award. For the performance of guest artists – Jamala, Ruslana National academic orchestra of folk instruments and singer ONUKA – the budget has been allocated 1.4 million UAH. At that time, as the services of two leading cost of 380 thousand UAH.

The most expensive was the payroll Directorate, which was established in February 2016, as a division of the broadcasting company.

  • Executive Director Yury Belous – more than a million hryvnia for the period March-November 2017;
  • Deputy Zhukov Yuri – more than a million hryvnia for the period February-November 2017;
  • Deputy Fields V. 754,8 thousand UAH for the period March-December 2017;
  • Deputy Klimenko R. – 811, 8 thousand UAH for the period December 2016-November 2017;
  • Deputy R. Kerik – 563,1 thousand UAH for the period January-March 2017.

Total expenditures amount to UAH 787,5 million, notes the chamber. Thus, initially, the contest was going to spend 655 million UAH.

Recall, the Geneva office of debt enforcement initiated seized 15 million euros of financial guarantees of Ukraine at the Eurovision 2017. For its part, Ukraine has appealed against the freezing of these funds, but the money is still arrested.


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