The exchange between the Ukraine and Russia: the response of social networks

Обмен между Украиной и Россией: реакция соцсетей

On Saturday there was a “step towards peace and normalization of relations,” but the Ukrainian people were skeptical of government statements.

Ukraine and Russia September 7 held an exchange of prisoners according to the scheme 35 35. Two spitzbart simultaneously delivered to Moscow and Kiev citizens, suspects or prisoners by the countries for various crimes.

Among the participants of the exchange was Director Oleg Sentsov, captured in the Kerch Strait, the sailors, the journalist Kirill Vyshinsky, who in 2015, has received Russian citizenship and a number of state awards of the Russian Federation, including the medal “For returning Crimea”.

In Kiev and in Moscow, this exchange is called step for peace in the Donbas. In the United States and the European Union, NATO and the UN supported the exchange. But the Netherlands and Australia were disappointed that Ukraine gave Russia anti-aircraft gunners “DNR” Vladimir Tzemach.

Ukrainian tzemach is a key witness in the investigation of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17 in the Donbas. The investigators concluded that the plane samili with uncontrolled Kiev territory of the Russian SAM Buk.

Before the exchange, the Dutch Prosecutor’s office questioned the Tzemach and, according to media reports, asked Russia to extradite him. According to Australia, on Russian territory, justice will be harder to reach this witness.

The Russian Kommersant wrote on 5 September that tzemach was the main condition for the return of Sentsov to Ukraine. Immediately after came the news about the cancellation of the arrest of the separatist, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the negotiations for the exchange of “close to finalization”.

World press writes that the release of the Tzemach costly for Ukraine, despite imidzhevyj success for President Vladimir Zelensky, because it can worsen relations with Nyderlandai, which means that – with the entire European Union.

Between Kiev and Amsterdam, and without this there were some tensions. We are talking about the referendum on Association of Ukraine with the EU and the gas pipeline Nord stream-2, the construction of which the Netherlands supports. Detail in the material on the reaction of world press to the exchange.

How the press and social media, drew attention to the difference between the meeting released in Ukraine and Russia. If at the airport in Kiev, says the Guardian, were seething emotions, in Moscow, everything went quiet and with minimal press coverage.

Special plane from Russia was expected by the relatives of the prisoners and Zelensky, who personally greeted each coming out of the plane Ukrainian. Journalists were broadcast live this event.

Обмен между Украиной и Россией: реакция соцсетей

Wyszynski met propagandists Kiselyov and Skobeeva / EPA

In Moscow the plane was met by only the head of the state news Agency Russia Today, Dmitry Kiselev. He came only for Wyszynski, who later organized a press conference.

In their opinion, the meeting in Kiev – it was just PR for the Ukrainian authorities. They recalled how they met from Russia Nadezhda Savchenko and what happened to her at the end.

The most emotional reaction was the verse of the Russian writer and poet Dmitry Bykov with the lines “We will never be a Paradise the country was liberated. We that know will not forget a damn”.

How was the reaction of Ukrainian users of social networks Корреспондент.net gathered in the gallery:



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