The exchange of prisoners and prisoners stripped – Gerashchenko

Обмен пленными и заключенными сорван - Геращенко

Irina Gerashchenko told about the failure of the exchange of prisoners

Offer to exchange captured on the Ukrainians, who are in captivity in the territory of “LDNR”, was blocked, said predstaviteli of Ukraine in the pipeline.

Russia disrupted the Ukrainian proposal for the release of hostages and political prisoners, the Ukrainian side proposed on December 27, 2018. On Tuesday, 4 December, said the representative of Ukraine in the sub-working group on humanitarian issues of the trilateral contact group Irina Gerashchenko on his page in Facebook.

According to her, Ukraine has transmitted a proposal for exchange of prisoners in Ukraine, the Russians and the separatists of the pseudo-republics on the Ukrainians, who are in “LDNR”.

“We are ready to repeat last year’s success and lead the next phase of the release on December 27. Unfortunately, the Russian Federation and its puppets refused another initiative of Ukraine and broke and this offer of liberation of Ukrainians”, – wrote Gerashchenko.

She noted that today was the 100 meeting of the TAG and working groups. During the meeting the Ukrainian side has demanded the immediate release of 24 prisoners of war sailors held in Russia, without any preconditions.

“They (prisoners – ed.) subject to the provisions of the Geneva conventions, prisoners of war cannot be judged, and we demand their immediate release without preconditions, without any exchange,” she said.

We will remind, earlier in “DNR” declared that has offered the Ukrainian side to conduct an exchange of prisoners 27 Dec.

Earlier, the representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group in Minsk, Leonid Kuchma said that prior to the presidential elections of 2019 promotion in exchange of hostages in the Donbas should not be expected.

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