The exchange rate for 22 December: the hryvnia strengthened

Курс валют на 22 декабря: гривна укрепилась

The hryvnia strengthened 22 Dec

The NBU has strengthened the hryvnia to 26.43 per dollar.

The national Bank on 22 December 2016 has strengthened the hryvnia to 26.43 per dollar, it said on the website of the NBU.

The official exchange rates set at the following level: 2642,9366 hryvnia for $ 100 (-4,1115); 2754,2042 hryvnia for 100 euros (+10,8035); 4,3249 hryvnia for 10 rubles (+0,0414).

However, trading on the interbank foreign exchange market on 21 December, has opened the dollar 26,38-26,43 UAH. Thus, the dollar exchange rate of buying has dropped by 7 kopecks., and sale – 9 COP.

The course of Euro in the purchase remained unchanged, sales decreased by 2 kopecks and made up of 27.43-27,48.

The Russian ruble has slightly increased and amounted to 0,431-0,432 UAH.

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