The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency has fallen by more than a quarter

Курс криптовалют обвалился более чем на четверть

The miners have started to sell graphics, not to burn.

Rates of major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin, the last day fell more than a quarter. “Ether”, which cost early in the week to $240, on the morning of 11 June is available for $170-175. Because of this marked increase in the number of proposals for the sale of video cards and mining-farms, says Ferra.

Recall the peak of the price of the cryptocurrency was in the middle of June, when Ethereum has risen to $ 400. But was immediately followed by the collapse of a quarter.

Experts talked about speculative growth and the danger that soon the bubble will burst, however, the situation attracted the interest of the inhabitants to mining – “mining” cryptocurrency, using the computing power of graphics cards. So, anyone can install on a regular computer one of the programs for mining and actually maintain the operation of the system of one of the cryptocurrencies. For this system, “voznagragd” it, giving “coins” relevant currency. Centre issue no, the reward is inherent in the algorithms of cryptogenes. The more the total capacity of the graphics card, the more reward per unit time.

Eventually, this led to a shortage and a strong increase in the price of graphics cards. But the fall in the exchange rate forced the miners to put on the trading sites on the Internet announcement of the sale of graphics cards and mining-farms (computers with multiple graphics cards), and money for the device asking for one and a half times less than in June.

We will remind, in June the price of bitcoin exceeded 2.8 thousand dollars, and reached a maximum of $ 2854.

The Bitcoin exchange rate set a record, exceeding $2000