The exchange rate on January 24: the national currency rose against the dollar

Курс валют на 24 января: гривна подорожала к доллару

NBU exchange rates

The national Bank of Ukraine strengthened the official hryvnia to the dollar, the national currency weakened against the Euro and the ruble. On the interbank market was observed the same trend.

The national Bank of Ukraine set for Wednesday, 24 January 2018, the official exchange rates at level:

– $ 100 – 2886.4823 hryvnia (-1,1014);

– 100 Euro – 3535.6522 hryvnia (+1,5385);

10 Russian rubles – 5.1168 hryvnia (+0,0174).

Bidding on the dollar on the interbank market opened with quotations of 28.87/28,90, the closing quotes were 28,82/the 28.85.

Trades on Russian ruble opened with quotations 0,5112/0,5121, the closing quotes were 0,5099/0,5108.

Bidding on the Euro began with quotes 35,3368/35,3736, the closing quotes were 35,3909/35,4278.

We will remind, the national Bank of Ukraine the auction on Tuesday was granted 25 applications totaling $47,3 million at the rate of up to 28, 86 UAH/$1. A day earlier, there was a correction of the official exchange rate of the hryvnia.

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