The exchange rate on March 31: the national currency is growing

Курс валют на 31 марта: гривна крепнет

The hryvnia exchange rate on March 31, strengthened

The dollar fell 7 cents, and Euro by 10 cents.

National Bank has strengthened the hryvnia against the dollar on March 31.

The official exchange rate to 31.03.2017:

So, the dollar fell by 7 kopecks to 26.97 UAH.

The Euro fell by 10 kopecks to UAH 28,96.

The Russian ruble also rose 4 kopecks to UAH 0,478.

At the same time, trading on the interbank foreign exchange market on March 30 closed with the dollar at the level of 26 and 97-27,01 UAH. Thus, the purchase rate of the dollar decreased by 4 kopecks., and sales by 3 kopecks.

Course evrov buying and selling decreased by 7 kopecks. and amounts of 28.98-of 29.03 UAH.

The purchase rate of the Russian ruble gained 4 kopecks., and sales – 3 COP., to 0,480-0,481 UAH.