The exchange rate on October 31, the hryvnia strengthened slightly

Курс валют на 31 октября: гривна немного укрепилась

The national Bank has updated the official hryvnia exchange rate

The hryvnia has strengthened by almost 5 cents.

The national Bank of Ukraine set for Tuesday, 31 October 2017, the official exchange rates at level:

– $ 100 – 2682,9390 hryvnia (-4,6391);

– 100 Euro – 3115,4288 hryvnia (-3,5056);

10 Russian rubles – 4,6360 hryvnia (+0,0089).

On the Ukrainian interbank market price quotations of the dollar was 26.81, maximum – representation is at 26.83. With regard to the sale, the minimum quotation since was 26.83, maximum – 26,86.

Trades on Russian ruble opened with quotations 0,4640/0,4651, the closing quotes were 0,4629/0,4636.

Bidding on the Euro began with quotes 31,1952/31,2274, the closing quotes were 31,1657/31,1862.

We will remind, the payment of the grant exceed the pledged funds in the state budget 10 billion UAH.


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